chair yoga for seniors and limited-mobility

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Allison started doing yoga to combine two of her passions. Helping those with disability and practicing yoga! Those two things have found there way together in her career in the form of Asana Chameleon, her yoga company. After working in the Developmental Disability field for 8 years she became a certified yoga instructor and began looking to provide yoga to the community. Now she teaches children, seniors, and the developmentally disabled. 

Allison is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, certified youth fitness instructor, CPR/FA certified, and registered behavior technician. She is also currently enrolled and working towards her 300 hour yoga certification and children's yoga certification. 

With Allison



Schedule a group classes at your next staff meeting, party, shower, with your friends, whatever! We come to you and provide a yoga class that fits your group's level and interests! This is a great way to bring you together with your friends, family, or coworkers!

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Laughing Yoga
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Chair yoga is a therapeutic version of yoga that is highly accessible to every level of mobility. These classes help us release tension, build strength, and expand our minds all while staying seated or using the chair for stability! All poses are gentle and we make time to adjust for every body. No mater the restriction our yogi's may face we are able to make a practice for everyone!

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Story Time Yoga

For both children and those with developmental disabilities we offer short form classes that demand attention as we work our way through a yoga story! These classes last 30-45 minutes and include all our favorite elements of a full class but in a easy to follow story. This is a great way to teach essential self soothing techniques that can benefit these individuals in every day life. 

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Children Meditating
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